The Beauty of the Digital World


Time traveling. The dream of my generation. Wouldn’t you just love to be a young adult in the fifties? When men were still asking the women out, driving them around in their fast cars, gifting them flowers, sipping milkshakes. Back then, the world must have been so easy, so nice.

Or a student in the 80ies. Then, everyone was free and happy. They didn’t worry about their future, unemployment or the NPD. Back then, when everyone was capable of having relationship, when life was an adventure and you could still smoke in bars. The evil Smartphone wasn’t invented yet, the internet hasn’t washed out our brains, people where still talking to each other.

Instead, we are living in this super weird world, nobody feels really comfortable in. Everyone just thinks of themselves, no one still knows what capitalism even means, no one knows how to fall in love, communicating has been abounded for a good century and no one knows how to read. Music comes from a computer, no one wants to go dance and instead of Vodka and candy, there’s LSD and Matcha. A world, where you would do about anything to succeed in career, students spend their bugs on Ritalin instead of concert tickets, cause really – what help passing your exams?

Couldn’t I have been born in a different time? Everything would be so much easier.

You know, I just refuse to believe that. I refuse to let this thinking take over my life.

The Internet has made us ambitious, maybe it has made as to become better human beings. Being compared to others sets us on fire, it drives us forward, it gives us the bravery and a perfect overview about the society we live in.

There’s now stepping around in the dark anymore, unsure of where to go next. Because everyone can now find this one place, where they truly belong.

But once you have found this place, you will obviously notice, then there will be a couple people, who have been here before. Where you might have felt like one-of-a-kind 20 years ago, you will today be surrounded by loads of people ticking just as you do.

How to deal with all these YouTubers, photographers, artists, blogger, authors, the super smart, the cooks, the out-of-this-world students, the relationship experts and perfect parents, that are running around on the internet? Those who will rub their perfect life right in your face, just to prove that they are doing a better job than you? I say – set them as a good example. Develop a little bit of ambition.

That comparing up to a certain level doesn’t hurt anyone, that a proven fact. A quick glance on others will improve our own personality and our skills – for the better. Learningfromeachother is the magical term in this case, but I feel like this concept has been widely forgotten. What so many people are destroying with the envy and fear is actually the key to optimize yourself, to become better, smarter, fitter – basically to become super human.

The internet, especially the social web is pretty much the paradies of learningfromeachother. It’s a source of inexhaustible knowledge, of people that want to teach, what they know. Every single one of those could motivate you to become better in what you do, and they will encourage you to share, what you do best.

WhatsApp and Facebook have taught us, how to be social. Being reachable at all times, that is pretty tough sometimes, but somehow we have learned to arrange with that. Our families and friends what’s going on at all times, typing a couple sentences in our phones, hundreds of connections weekly with those, who we love, no matter the time, no matter the distance. That is a system, that reminds us to keep track of the people we met, to take care of our friendships. It reminds us, that whatever you do in life always matters. No matter how far away you are from the people you know, because they will expect you to share and you will want to share and this is wonderful.

Are these contacts becoming less deep and less important through social media?

Well, surprise, but that depends on the person behind the phone. It depends on what you make out of a short message. Every to-line message on Facebook has been written by a human being. And if you think, that this fact is less important because don’t like the way of contribution, well then I can guarantee you, that social media isn’t sabotaging your social life. You are.

Instagram. The app that came down to earth from psycho hell, to prove how selfish and artificial we all are. But when we scroll through the ocean of the pictures taken by strange, odd users we kinda do feel pretty good about the world. Everything looks nice and pretty and worthy. Humans that are just looking better that normally, food that looks too good to be real, moments that let us dream about better places, memories, moments from other people’s lives that make the viewer happy. A place of pure positivity. And yes, some of this isn’t the real word, but instead of focusing on what is unreal about these pictures, why not start looking for the actual important things? This picture tells you a story of another person. This person took a picture of something pretty to share it with you and you are just sitting there complaining about the filter that’s was put on it. If you start concentrating on the positive while scrolling through Instgram, you will also start concentrating on the positive things while going through life. It will encourage you looking for the Instagram moments, when living you daily life, and yes- that is a positive thing.

In reality, we are not at all the cold robots, that can’t handle social intimacy anymore. Our world isn’t fake or grey, out future isn’t more difficult, lonely or a dead end. We have become victims of our own prejudice.

In reality, we are a generation of young people that are extraordinarily educated and curious. We have learned to solve problems in our ways, we are so talented and trained when it comes to social interactions, we can be successful everywhere in this word. We are a generation with the potential to become smarter, better, more honest, more open and more tolerant than anyone that has lives before.

But unfortunately, learning is less a trend than knowing is.

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