How to stay obsessed


The thin line.
I’m an extreme person. Ever so often, I stumble over something new, exciting, wonderful, fun, inspiring and truly great and when that happens, most of the time I’m just out of control.
I remember, when Rihannas new album came out earlier this year. There is this one song „Consideration“, and I have probably listened to that one more than 200 times in the past 4 weeks, just because it is so good. I suck every little piece music out of a song then, until there is nothing left and then the whole magic is over again. Probably nothing extraordinary. A lot of people become obsessed with a song until they have listened to it too many times. But this example just describes me so good.

I love to be excited. Like, full power excitement. Earlier this year a friend of mine recommended Casey Neistat to me and – you guys – I was nothing but obsessed until that day. The way, this person sees life and the world just turned my head around so many times. Casey is a YouTuber and daily vlogger, the owner of Beme and has enough motivation to take care of every single of his 2.5M subs.
When I started blogging, it just scared the shit out of me. But, in a good way.

I was super energetic, I was fit, I was motivated, I was focused, just right o track. I haven’t been thinking about anything, but this blog for weeks. But an some point, as sudden as it started, this whole flow started to fade. It all became routine, normal, boring, stupid.

The energy, I used to have started to become doubt. All of the sudden I was questioning everything I am doing on here, all what has felt so right three weeks ago! Don’t get me wrong, questioning is super important to remain a certain quality level, but really – sometimes you just have to make point.
I needed to learn how to maintain my obsession.

I love writing. But right know I am impatient, insecure and just not calm at all.
For this year, I came up with 12 challenges. Each month I start a new thing, that I want to keep doing until the end of the year. Since February I have been writing an article every month.

In the beginning – easy. But today its Sunday again and I have been running around the whole week trying to figure out a new theme to write about.
As you might notice, I couldn’t come up with anything.
I hate this state of mind. I hate it.

All I need to do, is to sit down and start doing. Start creating. But what is the best way to stay on track? Anyone? Please!

When it come to this blog, I cannot accept a „no“ from myself. Never. I started and I will keep going.
But I miss my euphoria, the butterfly. The blog and I, we have past the state of mad love and now encountering the awkward everyday life situation. And I have heard, that even the best relationships might fail here.

Happy Sunday. And remember,
What you do, do it till you’re done.

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