You haven’t bought it, until you payed for it


Its sunday afternoon, April 24th, Woyton Düsseldorf Old Town. Lets talk about the universe.
I started this blog for pretty much two reasons:
1. Give me a reason to write articles more often.
2. Create a place, that is all about Doing.


I have to say that this whole situation has been super rewarding already. I just feel like to share a couple things, that this Blog and the people I’VE met through it have taught me. So this will be abstract and complicated, but bare with me:
Here’s the subject:

I personally, think that everything on the surface of planet earth can be bought.
Not by money, that would be too easy.
But imagine life like this: Somewhere, you can find a pricelist, that consists of an chances, success or whatever else you would like to reach in life. After any of these items, you can find a price, but no matter what, you will not know how high it actually is, until you have payed the whole rate.

Some people, that I was interviewed for this blog, like FancyFox who has created her own jewelry brand in the past couple years, and also other people that have become successful and happy with what they do will always tell you the exact same thing: Do the work first.
But, is it really that easy? Is this whole life just a scale? One the one side your goal and on the other side you’ll just put so much work in it, until it will level out. Mission complete. Done.
I have feeling that that’s kinda true.

The trick is, that you’ll never now what the other side of the scale will need to even out. It might be work in a certain amound, or your personal choices, it might me risks or money. If you have rthe recourses to pay for anything, will you be able to accomplish anything?

The best and most exciting job in the world, will take away your energy and time. Energy and time that you maybe should rather give your friends and family. The nicest hobby, that makes you more happy than anything else, might become a dead end one day.
When is it time to get off a dead horse?
On one hand side, you could always say: I will keep going, no matter what. But, how do you if you’re already in that mislead state of: Once you have invested, you’ll have to invest even more. Like players, that say: Well, I have already spend so much money on the chance of winning, I can’t stop now.

Is it more important to be ambitioned or to be a good poker player?
When you keep following this whole thought, there are two more things that would be ereased of your list of things, you always thought are liek super certain: Unfairness and coincidence.
When this price list, was written into stone and just waits to be checked off, just like the saying: The only thing, that keeps you from accomplishing, is yourself“, – then, this would mean, that its just all about making the right or the wrong choice. There is no surprising luck, that just rains upon you and changes everything. If you messed up, you messed up, if you don’t everything will stay in place.
This whole thinking would also mean, that you will always get what you deserve though.
Once you have gone through a super shitty time, the better times will come 100%. When you have given the world, what you love and care about the most, you will get a paycheck in return.
But what if, you simply don have enough to give? Are you leaving out on chances, because you simply can’t effort them?

See, before I’m getting into Karma now or the whole „you’ll harvest what you plant“ stuff, I’ll stop digging this mindfuck right now.
But one conclusion is left to be said:
Wether you look at FancyFoy or Casey Neistat, Fitness Instagrammers or Motivational Quotes, one thing is for sure:
This blog isn’t going the way, I want it to be, simply, because I don’t put in enough of good work. Simple as that.

Happy sunday.

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