How to… become a Fashion Designer // Veronique


Here’s what I learned from Veronique, to answer this question:

Veronique studies Fashion Design. She’s one of those very rare personalities that have actually gotten into one of these mysterious fashion schools. Those places in schools don’t oven seem to exist, that’s how rare they are. Just because the competition is huge and the requirements so utopistic that even Veronique wasn’t quit eager to try at first. Dreams are dreams, but most don’t even consider to take actions in order to make those dreams come true. It just feels unnatural to go for a goal, that is so hard to reach. You just go into the world and find something else to be happy with.

However, there is one thing for certain, that I as well as Veronique will guarantee you: If don’t chase those dreams, they will come after you. They will haunt you. When this time has come, those dreamy, relaxing nights are over.
This is why Veronique took a shot at it. And she won.
She started to study Fashion Design, she started to design fashion. Like this for example:


Myths & Facts

1. No, Fashion Designers don’t only wear their own clothes. Mainly because their day, just like mine only has 24 hours. Second of all, because it is so important to step away from you work once in a while. Authors, that spend all day writing cannot remain their sanity, when they proceed to only read their own works once they come home at night. Those who only write, but never read will soon run out of inspiration, and one point there will not be a single atom of new ideas in their hats. This principle is sort of transferable to any sort of art.
Also, just common: Spending all day sitting on the sewing machine and doing the exact same thing in your free time as well? No one is that passionate.


2. Designers use Instagram to make their work famous.
Just no. Instagram isn’t the breakthrough Hollywood movie. It’s not like you just make a great appearance and some sort of “make me successful” magic will rain upon you. Not all creatives use Instagram to push their career. For one reason, because it simply doesn’t work that way and for another reason, because most just don’t want to. Veronique has a fantastic Instagram Account, over which I have found her as well. But this page isn’t a advertisement for her works. I mean, she can’t pay herself for posting pics and she isn’t Essena O’Neill either. Her account is used to share. And that is simply wonderful. Not every Idea Vero has can be made reality, but every idea she has, she draws into her sketch books. And these drawing are truly too beautiful to withhold them from the world and just let them rot on her shelves. Besides these drawings Veronique also shares her life as a Design Student, apart form designing. Designing is certainly the main part, not the only one though. Everything else is very rarely talked about, an aspect she really missed when informing herself in advance of her application.
Instagram is a place to share. Thanks for sharing, Vero.


3. Fashion Design is Art. Art is made to look at, not to wear. That’s why designer clothes are so useless for ’normal people‘
As I have understood Vero, there are those and those kind of Designers. Most are certainly eager to use the freedom they have in school to truly create unique and artistic pieces. Later, when stepping into business this freedom is mostly not given, since fashion is then supposed to be sold and to be attractive to a wide audience.
I, as a hard working tax payer do have mixed feelings about this artistic fashion though. Cause, let’s face it, fashion is only fun when it’s worn, not when only hanging in my closet. That might also be the point where the Artists separate from the craftsman. Even though Vero is definitely an artist as well, she still puts all her talent in to creating pieces that are easy, comfortable and ready to wear. Pieces that will be worn and loves, with a very big focused on finest fabrics and good manufacturing, rather then exotic prints, ruffles and rhinestones. Just clothes. Made very well, very unique, very detailed by the designer personally, who knows what it means to actually wear a garment.


4. Individual fashion design is super unpopular, because everyone is just following the trends.
Here’s Veroniques answer in a nicer picture:
One hand washes the other.
What would this world be without trends? In social live, on the streets, on the web, in your relationships, hanging in your closet – trends rule your life. Whether you want to or not. But the great thing about trends is, that they’re only alive a very very short amount of time.
Every time a trends come flying in through the open window it will spray its magical pollen upon your awaiting heads. You guys are the tulips. You will lift your pretty flower heads in bloom in full beauty for a couple of days. After these days though you have seen enough of the world and you will rot slowly but surely until the next bee comes to pollinate you.
The one important thing to know is, that there is only one species of bees on this planet Millennials. Logically trend A and trend B are relatives. Relatives are all the same in their deep inside. Sometimes one of the family member will stick out, but after a while the grandchildren will be like their grandparents again.


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