The Meaning of Sharing


One of probably the best things to do, while your short stay on planet earth is to live your life. That’s a pretty stretchable thing, I know. But I do believe that there are certain aspects of this concept of living besides just staying alive, that make the difference between existing and living.

Learning is one of those things. And teaching, changing, and suffering. But what really makes a difference is sharing.
Sharing your life with the people that surround you is in my opinion the true key to happiness and a fulfilled life. Sharing requires two things: Having something to share and having someone to share it with.
First is easy. There a billion things in everyone’s life that are great and unique and worth to be shared. I ask so many people for articles and super often I get this answer: Well, sure, but I don’t thing my life is that interesting.
That’s just something anybody shouldn’t ever say in their lives. It’s not that some people aren’t capable of doing something worthy, it’s just that they don’t realize it’s there. Second is easy two. There are 7 billion people on this planet and in this wonderful Century most of these 7 billion are already connected through the paradise of sharing: The World Wide Web.
I feel like there are a lot of misconception going around, when it comes to sharing online: Sharing online shouldn’t happen in the means of self-display and usually it doesn’t. Usually we pick the best pieces of reality and put them on a gallery wall for people to observe. And don’t be sorry, if your life looks pretty great on that wall. People will hate on the web, no matter what you post.
Punishing someone for sharing something, that has happened to them in life, is probably the most fucked up way to interact with your fellow humans on this planet, but I see where it comes from.

The Internet has a problem

Going online and posting a picture of your dinner you have gotten with your friends at a new restaurant is a totally great thing to do. Food and friends are wonderful, this restaurant has people working on it to make it good all day and all night, they deserve to have their work shared with the world and you deserve to share this comforting moment you spend with you loved one’s.
First, there will be people who say, that they don’t care what you had for dinner. That’s a legitimate opinion you have, but not really an issue you can take care of.
Second, there will be people who say that you only posted this pick, because you want to show how popular you are and how often you decadently dine out and drinking bottles of red wine, you can’t pronounce the wine of. That’s and opinion of probably a jealous hater, which you also can’t do much about.
Third, there will be people who question why you don’t rather enjoy the moment then spending time on picking the perfect filter for you Instagram posting.
That’s sort of a good point.
There are several solutions to this problem: For one thing, I have noticed, that Instagram is just flooded with meaningless, though pretty picture’s that don’t have a story behind it what so ever.
That really is a bummer, because that’s not the purpose of sharing on social media.

Consider your tools

There have been a pretty good amount of apps and start ups that allow real, real-timed super quick sharing posts:
Snapchat is probably the first of them all. It has dedicated it’s whole function to an aspect most Instagram user’s are trying to ignore entirely: Telling stories.
You take a picture, give it a caption, ad some great, fun, positive edits to it and then you set it out to the world to see for a short amount of time. Just like a moment in real time: You see it, you enjoy it, but a couple seconds later it will be gone.Download (1)
Then there is Casey Neistat’s Beme, which allows you to only upload unedited short films in real time for your followers to see. You can add a location and you can send selfies as reactions to other user’s Bemes. Bringing reality back to social media: You just cover you day-light sensor, the screen goes black and the app records and uploads what ever is going on in front of your camera.

There’s Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live that are making live streams real popular in the Internet. I just think, that in the end it just feels like a normal video and is less enjoying to watch.
These new ideas are great and are bringing sharing into new perspective – but there is one thing missing: The conversation.
How often do I see Snaps, or Bemes or what ever and I am just frantically missing a comment section. Providing contemporary content might be a little closer to your actual life, but it is also lacking quality and discussion. Because, what is living, when can just speak about it, but aren’t able to have a conversation about it?
What’s your favorite social media?

PS: You can also just talk to the actual flesh and blood people in you life, but that’s too big of a topic to address right now.

Happy Sunday!

4 Kommentare zu „The Meaning of Sharing

  1. Ich verstehe diesen ganzen Hype um Periscope und schon um Instagram nicht. Warum muss man immer alles fotografieren und teilen wollen? Und warum nochmal braucht Facebook jetzt eigentlich Gefühle? Ich finde, wie sollten weniger Zeit in diesen so genannten „sozialen“ Netzwerken verbringen und wieder richtig mit Leuten reden.

    Ich habe dazu auch erst vor Kurzem einen Post geschrieben, vielleicht gefallen Dir ein paar Gedanken:

    Liebe Grüße 🙂

    Gefällt mir

    1. Hi grey, danke für deinen Kommentar! Ich sehe durchaus deinen Punkt, was ich sagen wollte ist aber, dass diese Handhabung eben jedem selber überlassen ist. AUch wenn manche das Online Teilen als unnötig betrachten, ist es doch immer nach ein echtes, spannendes Leben was geteilt wird und das sollte man nicht mit Füßen treten!
      Liebe Grüße,

      Gefällt mir

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