How to fall in love with a city

Love is difficult. Except one special case of falling in love. It’s the love to your city.

Falling in love with a city is a very rewarding fantastic thing to experience in life, but it also requires a lot of time, effort and understanding of the special needs your significant other has.

Here are the specifics of city love, from what I know:


  1. You have to be a city person

When you are kind of person that really loves the country side, the animals, the nature and all that kind of stuff, this article is probably not going to hold any wisdom for you. In that case it’s probably best to just stop reading and proceed to your Sunday country side business.

If you are a person who feels naturally attached to crowds, noise and strange people on the streets, I am happy to have won you as a ready. Being a city person is mostly related to the area you have grown up at. Countryside people will most likely stay in calmer areas, city people will most like be unable to live without the messy city life until the day they die. Living in the city is tough and every city has it’s in own specifics that are necessary in order to survive. If you are a city person you are basically Bear Grylls in an urban Cinderella story. You are eager to find out these ways that will make your life comfortable, just because you feel so happy every time you’re stuck in traffic when entering your very own paradise of living. You have to find out ways to survive, because you need to survive. Moving somewhere calmer really isn’t that much of an option, because you get used to the benefits of cities so fast, that you’ll even start missing the not so great parts once you’ve left. 24h food delivery, Taxi caps whenever, wherever you need them, supermarkets that are open till late at night, public transportation and a mere ocean of stores to choose from when you need to buy costumes, wigs or special presents for special friends, these are benefits. And these benefits make up for traffic, homeless people, noise, violence and the horrent cost for pretty much everything.


  1. The city pays back to you

‘Nuff said about benefits, lets talk about the magic.

Being a city person, it once in a while happens to me, that just when going my usual ways when running, going to school or work, I just have to stop and take in the beautiful scenery, like so:




Yes, one could say, that this happens on the country side all the time, but it’s the fact, that you don’t expect these moments to happen in the city, that make the so magical.

Second magic thing is the people. Cities are measuring whatever is going on the society, just like Facebook, just in real life. The best day of the year, is the first day of spring. Like the first year when it’s really nice and warm out and a normal day just turns into a special one. Everyone outside on the street is just so happy and that’s what you feel in every single inch when making your way through a city.

The third magic thing is the possibilities. Every day when leaving the house, when going out at night, you’ll never know what you see, who you’ll meet, what you’ll experience. Everything is sort of inspiring and you have no influence about how the city changes you and your life. And that’s a wonderful feeling to wake up to.

So, if you live in a city and you’ve been just woken up this morning by a firetruck, people yelling outside in the street, or the smell of whatever gross stuff is stuck in your hair – just remember: The city pays back to you.


  1. You have to do more, than just surviving

I think it was Casey Neistat who once said: “The thing about NYC is, when you want to live there, you’ll give everything it takes to get in. So once you’re there, you’re left with nothing.” Surviving in a big city requires two things: Strong nerves and a strong wallet. Its super expensive and super stressful. But I believe, that that is part of what makes it so nice to live there. Every person in the city really wants to be alive. And they want to be, where they are. And they are doing the best to pursue those wishes. If you’re born on the country side and you just choose to stay where you are, it’s a lot littler effort you take, you stay. But when you move to a city, you’ll sometimes get the feeling that the city is doing everything to get rid of you again.

Just look at the end-boss of city surviving: New York City. Manhattan is the example of what happens when you crowd 1.5 million people on one tiny island. It evolves to a wonderful place, the place where all dreams come true. The essence of this special magic is probably the energy of all those hard working people that do so much just to be not kicked out by the city again. Just to stay where they are. And these energy ladies and gentleman, is the essence to actual happiness. If you’re a city person.


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