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Blogging has been considered as the trend hobby, especially this past couple of years. Why is that? I think, for one it has been due to the fascination a lot of people have felt, considering the thought to have a place to their own where they can truly express themselves as they like.

In a nutshell, this whole concept is about creation and sharing. Even before a lot of them have come up with a proper subject to talk about, they have felt the wish to start some sort of an online blog. They want to share, be a creator of their own content and have a voice online.


A shockingly outrages number have people then decide, that it would be best to just go and talk about the new mascara they picked up at the drug store or some sort of a apparently special outfit they wore the other day, cause you know – this concept has been successful before. Luckily an even as large of a group of blogger actually take advantage of their own interests, they talk about what moves them, what they get excited about. This is the very point where demonstration stops and the process of sharing is born.

Miss ninja cookie bloggs about Aerial Yoga, a special segment of Yoga – exercise for body, sould and mind. This is the bare part of demonstration. But on her blog, she also talk about how this special activity has helped to overcome the struggle of a clinical depression she has been dealing with for several years now. This is, what sharing means.

And she doesn’t only talk. She contributes a certain atmosphere, a sense of what this hobby means to her.

DSC_0636 Kopie 2

This is strikingly important, because I feel like there have been lots and lots of misconception going around when it comes to depression. On the one hand side, there’s this huge tabu. Depression is just not touchable and more importantly, not understandable for those, who have had the luck to not having to deal with this condition. Having to admit, that you are suffering from depression though, is pretty deconstructing you stand in society. You might as well say, that are hearing voices, take drugs, you are not regarded as any more sane. Therefor it is much fancier to call a depression that come from exhaustion a Burn Out, just don’t call of the evil word with D. Miss ninja cookie has told me about a situation in her life, where a friend didn’t want to be connected to an article about depression in social media, because she was fearing any possible reaction in her career and work place.

A next misunderstanding is the unbearable over dramatizing of psychologically caused symptoms. Reacting to stress or grief doesn’t mean someone has a weak psyche. Taking a break and saying you need one, doesn’t mean you’re suffering from depression, but taking actions in order not to in the future,

Lacking knowledge probably states it best.  The most frequently asked question, when it comes to depression, asked by those who don’t know what they’re talking about is “Why?”. As if the reason is there to saint the symptoms. Followed by the demand of a quick and efficient solution to the problem. Everywhere are these huge question marks and most people are just nothing but insecure when being confronted by this whole psycho situation. 


Miss ninja cookie has been suffering from depression ever since her younger teenage years, back then she was simply regarded as an “extremely difficult person, that just suffers from puberty”. Depression is what so ever much more serious than just a temporary “bad phase”. Besides the typical symptoms like emptiness and feeling less resistance for stress and problems, she also suffered eating disorders as well as panic attacks. That is probably more than just a “bad phase”.

Suggestions came in masses: going from “don’t make such a fuss about it” all the way to “you might want to look for processional aid.” In the interview she was being very clear about only wanting to talk about what helped, not about what heals. For her, Aearial Yoga helped. In my opinion it was a huge interest and going back to normal, that made miss ninja cookie discover her own way of therapy. To this day, she seems very eager to find out more about scientific theories and therapies related to clinical depression. She mentioned a study, that she is even trying out herself right now, I did the research for you guys:

The Rutger’s University in New Jersey, USA has published their results of a short times study in the Translational Psychiatry earlier this year: 52 men and women, of which 22 are suffering depression where put on a special work out plan that was focused on running in addition to meditation for 8 weeks. At the beginning of these 8 weeks all probates have been tested for their concentration abilities. Those with depression have shown a huge lack on concentrating during these test. After 8 years of work out participants have been tested again: This time those who had depression almost scored as good as those without depression and even stating that their symptoms have been fading about 40%.

What I want to say with this little excursion: First, physical activity does help, second, the important thing is, how much miss ninja cookies does care about these specific ways of therapy and even gets engaged in those personally.

Why exactly Aerial Yoga?

For miss ninja cookie this is related to hope. In this sport she has found a counter pol, that allows to give the feelings caused by depression a direct contra.

“When I hang head over toes, when doint Aerial Yoga and swinging back and forth like a little child, higher, more free, so that I can feel the wind all over my body, than I just feel nothing but happiness.”

It exactly these moments that people, who suffer from depression think, they will never experience again. Chasing these moments permanently is an impossible task to do. The point is, just the fact that you still have the ability to experience those happy moment.

Giving depression a contra by creating happier moments in life, is not a healing potion nor an actual therapy. At no point the impression should be given, that sport or yoga or mediation will ease it all. An actual therapy still a very important part of facing a clinical depression, “not a your enemy, but as your teacher.”

Thank you miss ninja cookie, for this super interesting interview and you honestly when talking about the very personal topic.
You can find miss ninja cookies blog here.

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