Lets talk about storytelling


I love telling stories, the internet loves telling stories, everyone loves telling stories. Let’s have a look at this particular trend.

It’s everywhere and it is wildly entertaining. Real life has become the source of the most fun, the most interesting and the most controversial. What about a world where daily vlogger took the place of TV soaps, Snapchat stories are the new twitter and the internet is our very own diary of content, that we love just about us? I feel like Facebook has felt that this trend was coming a long time ago when introducing the timeline. No board no more. All of the sudden people don’t just pile up their thoughts in one place, but they broad it into a chronological order. They started to tell the story of their lives, for others and for themselves. I mean, for real – have you ever scrolled all the way down to your very Facebook-beginnings?

Things were so different then. I think, I became a member of Facebook when I was about 15 years old. Back then I would hold full conversations on mine and my friends timeline. I can read about my time in the US there, I can see pictures of fantastic days, I can look at things, that I have long forgotten. Sometimes I even wish I would have posted more of my life, because it is just so entertaining to go down that memory lane. Storytelling has changed Social Media a lot. And in a way it is a better, more personal social media.

I, for instance, am addicted to daily vlogger and have considered uploading a quick blog article daily as well. It is the capturing of a day, that makes every day special and every day fun. It is doing what you love and actually having an evidence for it in your hands.

That is also why, I am just really slowly getting into Snapchat. Snapchat is super fun and interesting, but I don’t like the idea of capturing things, that will then be gone forever. It’s like creating ghost content. Moments that you thought are sharable and interesting will be put out there but can never be see again, like the moment itself has vanished.

Storytelling is a tough thing to do. It’s the constant line between living your live, discovering how special every day is and balancing to put this discovery in an actual product. YouTuber’s like Roman Atwood, Casey Neistat or FunForLouis have mastered this discipline. Their normal life is my entertainment. Casey and Louis, they just have extraordinary things, they do every day. But Roman Atwood for example is a “normal” YouTube family father. He does most things every day, that the majority of people does. Is it, that everyone’s life can be entertaining to others? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to find a way to make a commercial purpose out of my normal habits, it’s more about the curiosity, of where this phenomenon comes from.

I started this blog so I could have a place, to write more. About what I feel like talking about. This little #sunnysundays article is serving as an announcement about a new category, that will be all about storytelling. Nothing left to say, but: Stay tuned! #sunnystorytelling


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